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"Stopping the World: a funky guide to meditation - written by a busy ER doctor"

This book is a  light-hearted look at one of the most difficult stages of meditation, the beginning.

We will explore what I call the transition zone between our “normal waking” state, into the “meditative” levels of consciousness.

For busy people with active minds, like me, the terms “meditation” and “mindfulness” were, at first, very difficult to relate to.

So, this book will introduce some workable and fun ideas which can help you to successfully and efficiently transition into meditation states.

It is aimed at people like me who are easily distracted, and who find it hard to sit still, let alone meditate.

The concepts in this book are indeed funky – but also serious – in that they are supported by evidence from modern neuropsychology about how our brains work.

I invite you, the potential reader, to join with me on this exploration of some funky meditation ideas and strategies for achieving more balance, calm and happiness in your life.

"The Quiet Force of Kindness"

Traditional concepts of personal strength and power are based on exerting influence over others, or forcing a situation to our demands.  We also believe that we know our own best interests, in our relationships and our lives.

Kindness” is traditionally seen as being an opposite quality to strength, a somewhat weaker force in the world.  But it can be remarkably transformative and powerful, and most people will be aware of this to varying degrees, based on their own experiences.

My own learnings thus far have shown to me a compelling realisation, that “kindness” when consciously and deliberately utilised as a central, guiding life principle can have profound and far-reaching benefit and healing effects, both in the lives of others and ourselves.

This book is deeply personal and explores my own experiences in thinking, and in meditation states where many such ideas crystallise.

Here are concepts drawn from ageless spiritual traditions, but presented in a modern context, with my hope that these ideas may bring real benefit to youthe reader, in your life.